Solving the puzzle to pay.

Payment is a tool we use everyday, but it is nowhere near as convienent as it could be.

We aim to fill this gap with an universal solution.


Like Bargeld

Germans are obsessed with cash. The main reason is that Bargeld, the German word for cash, is unprecedented in terms of security, ease of use, and above all, privacy.

With Puzzle we want to combine these qualities in a digital solution. So that you can pay anywhere without revealing your identity to the recipient.

This allows you to protect your privacy and regain control over your own data.


Just Digital

With a digital wallet, life becomes easier. You do not have to go to ATMs, you do not get back any change and you do not have to remember any PINs for your cards. An app on the smartphone is fully sufficient for payment.

At the same time it also becomes more flexible. Digital money can be easily transferred to another location and converted into another currency. This will work within seconds and at any time of day or night.


And Universal

Puzzle is intended for all kinds of payments. Be it retail shopping, online orders, paying an invoice or selling something. No matter if it comes to small or large amounts, you will be able to pay for them by Puzzle.

In addition, Puzzle will enable new cases of application that are not feasible today. For instance, you can easily buy day passes instead of monthly subscriptions, since you can transfer single cents efficiently. With Puzzle you will use pay-as-you-go more often.