Privacy matters – also in payments.

The world goes digital, but for privacy reasons we are still stuck with cash. We solve this problem with digital aliases, so you can pay anywhere safely with the Puzzle App.

Our lives become more and more digital as software is eating the world. However, payments seem to be left behind. Nowadays, we still resort to cash to protect our privacy.

This can be explained by a trilemma that states that one may choose only two out of three properties for a payment-system. The tree properties are:

  • Private - different transactions from the same source can not be linked. Not available from a bank.
  • Digital - money is not stored physically. Not available with cash.
  • Universal - one can pay everywhere. Not available with anonymous blockchains.

How do we solve this problem?


Like Bargeld

With Puzzle we combine the qualities of cash in a novel solution. By using ephemeral aliases your real identity is not revealed to the recipient of a payment. This increases your privacy and allows you to keep control over your own data.

An alias may include name, account number and email address.


Just Digital

With a digital solution, life becomes easier. An App on your smartphone is fully sufficient for managing aliases and paying anywhere. You do not have to go to ATMs, you do not need to collect change and you do not have to remember PINs.

At the same time it also becomes more flexible. Digital money can be easily transferred to another location and converted into a different currency. It works instantly during days and nights.


And Universal

Puzzle is intended for all kinds of payments. Be it retail shopping, online orders, paying an invoice or selling something. No matter if it comes to small or large amounts, you will be able to pay for them with Puzzle.